" The GVDSS does not recommend or support various therapies, therapists, doctors, practitioners, etc. The only Board-approved partnership is with the Victoria Conservatory of Music for the Music therapy program. The GVDSS' mission is to be a support system for one another. It is left to individuals and families to determine the best services, therapies, doctors, and therapists for their particular needs and that fit their personal philosophies.
  1. Music therapy
  2. Ups Club get-togethers
  3. Activities for young adults & adults
  4. Speakers and information sessions
  5. Recreation programs

1) Music therapy

Started in 2003 and in collaboration with the Victoria Conservatory of Music, the GVDSS offers a Music therapy program for children and young adults with Down syndrome. The program is one of a few such programs in North America!

The program is available to GVDSS members (in good standing) between the ages of 18 months to 18 years of age. There is a cost to participate to ensure commitment, but these can be covered in part, or in full, if families express the need in writing to the GVDSS Board. More information on GVDSS funding opportunities for the 2018/2019 Muisc Therapy Program can be found here

Please contact us at if you would like more information, or to register. Registering after the classes have started is at the discretion of the Music Therapy Committee and Dr. Johanne Brodeur, Head of the Music Therapy Department at the VCM.

2) Ups Club gatherings (monthly)

Designed as a way for families with young children to come together, the Ups club gatherings are an informal way to meet one another and chat while children play. The Ups Club get-togethers are usually held at the Saanich Neighborhood Place (SNP)

The SNP has a play area suitable for infants and children upwards in age to about 6 years old).

The GVDSS provides coffee, juice, and snacks. There is no cost to attend.

3) Self-advocate events

Self-advocate social events have been highly successful in getting our young adults and adult self-advocates out and about to enjoy each others company and have fun on the town. Jenny Jones has been coordinating these monthly get togethers. Anyone with any fun ideas for our self advocates to do or who wants to volunteer to help supervise the activities can contact Jenny on the GVDSS Facebook Page.

4) Speakers & information sessions

The Board is always interested in helping to plan and facilitate information sessions that would benefit its members. Please propose a session or workshop you would like to see happen.

 5) Recreation programs

 There are many recreational and sports programs available in the Greater Victoria area. See the Recreation Programs page for additional information


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